• Bronze St (nakhl street) ,Kerman Motor Blvd , 16th km Tehran Karaj Exp-way , Tehran
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Beauty, Relaxation and Safety, along with Bronze's Products

Beauty, Relaxation and Safety, along with Bronze's Products

Services & Solutions

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The purpose of the advisory services is to work with the managers of the organizations in the proper knowledge of the issues under their management portfolio as well as to participate in the planning and problem solving process in the form of an integrated set of services, such as strategy determination, review and design of processes, structures and systems Operational and intelligence and monitoring the correct implementation of IT-based systems.

[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-cogs” position=”icon-left” title=”Design and manufacture of plastic parts” url=”http://bronze.ir/injection/”]

Injection of plastic parts up to 20 kg by Modern Injection technologies


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One of the largest and most advanced fully robotic plastic injection sites of country deployed in Bronze Industrial Group . Various types of plastic assembly processes are carried out with advanced welding machines with welding, ultrasonic and vibration processing in this company .



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Performing test and test procedures for companies …



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