Bronze is the only manufacturer of WoodStock sheets in Iran.

Polywood sheet production line

The main extruding product at Bronze Plast Salon is polywood Sheets, These sheets, which make up the bulk of our products are among the most commonly used materials in the world of door panel and parcel shelves. The above mentioned sheets were imported from outside the country, By launching an extruding machine and producing these sheets in the bronze company, In order to self-sufficiency and to prevent the withdrawal of currency from the company, a significant step was taken.In most products of the company, wood composite sheets are used to produce the final products.

WPC composite plastic sheet has this following unique properties:

• The combination of polymer and wood powder, “industry reconciliation with nature”
• High Formation Ability
• High Stable Against Moisture
• Resistant to growth of microorganisms
• Quick access to the final product
• Possibility to delineate all kinds of decorative covers such as: fabric, PVC, leather and etc.
• 100 % recyclable